Travelling To The Untamable

Sonya Bradley October 3, 2014
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So you may not be as much of a travelling fiend with wanderlust as I am but you’ll probably have a short list of places you’ll want to visit at least once in your life, right? The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Big Ben in England, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Tokyo Tower, the Sistine Chapel in Italy, and the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty in New York City are all places that I’ve resolved I need to see at least once in my life time. They all come highly recommended since their huge boons of culture but to be safe, do keep in mind that these places will also be buffered by the encroaching tourist trap vendors and highly overpriced memorabilia! The less well known places that won’t be riddled with pit falls for tourists are great for a more worry free travelling visit. Case and point for an example of this would be the beautiful landscapes of Alaska (the largest state in all of the United States, easily capable of fitting even the enormous state of Texas in its borders!)


This photo of a frozen waterfall in Alaska is absolutely breath taking to me. I usually don’t associate such natural beauty with the United States, but I think Alaska makes many exceptions to that preconception. © Frank Kovalchek.

I should be fair and say there are sure to be tourist trap spots in Alaska as well as any other place in the world (though they’re likely to be more localized in the heavily industrialized areas such as the city of Alberta.) That being said, there’s plenty of awesome activities to be enjoyed around the gorgeous landscapes that encompass most of this enormous state. While the preconception that Alaska is a very frigid nation might be fair (I’m used to cold weather and dressing warmly so I think that even a cold winter in Alaska wouldn’t scare me away!) there are definitely plenty of places to come and see that don’t involve ice hockey or ice fishing. There are many beautiful spots to go hiking, or hunting (I’m not judging those who enjoy hunting but I personally don’t like it), or checking out the hot spots for skiing, jet skiing, and the museums with a focus on Native American and Inuit cultures.


This is one of the most beautiful naturally occurring things that can happen on the planet. This is the Aurora Borealis (also called the Northern Lights) and is visible only during certain times in the Alaskan region; I definitely need to time my visit to see this with my own eyes… © Image Editor.

As excited as I am to jump on the next plane I can afford to reach Alaska, I am certainly going to make the proper precautions. Dressing warmly, as I said earlier, is certainly going to be at the top of my list, as well as being aware of any dangerous mountainous regions or wildlife (I may know how to handle myself in a fight, I am not confident enough to take on a wolf or a bear!)


Just in case you’re afraid of the dangerous terrain and frigid waters of Alaska, don’t be afraid and remember that you’ve got some of the best trained men and women in the Coast Guard on call to keep people safe in the great white north! © Coast Guard News.

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Sonya Bradley